Just pulled Clyde

How much do y’all think he’s gonna be selling for ? Pulled him in the last pack in a 10 box

200k plus because of the first wave

Just pulled another wow

I pulled 2 as well , he got a decent jumper, I donno if I should sell both or keep1, I don’t really have room for him, maybe as my 11th man or if I replace Pippen

Spent 70 aint pull shit

Im jealous lol if u can get releases down, he will be op for you. Quick shot, can dunk

I pulled two as well. I’m definitley going to keep one because his release is my favorite in the game but when do you think his price will be at it’s highest peak?

Yer he looks like a fun card, and he looks pretty bulky in freestyle but i was thinking about listing both of them now while price is high and then maybe buying one back later

Is his price at its peak now?

Im not too sure, if theres a batch of them then he might be cheap. After i see u pulled him i opened a ten and got larry lol

Nice one man, I was hoping to get Larry

If clyde goes for like 220 each then u basically got a larry

You got me! I put up my second Clyde, hopefully when I get home from work in like 5 or 6 hours I’ll be able to pick up a Larry Legend

2 clydes prolly wont be enough for Larry, will need like extra 100-200k.

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How much do you think Larry will settle at?

450-500k? So hard to tell these things.

how bout 3 clydes lmao :sweat_smile:

Clyde will be 150-170k? Maybe less. so do the math. I mean, sheesh, i aint gonna get 10/10 these prices :joy::joy:

Yer I was thinking around the 450 mark

I feel like people think bron>larry so i could see @400 on goatbox


Clyde for 150k would be a bargain beast

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