Just pulled another PD Giannis. Sell now or wait a few days?

hes around 375k with no shoe or contract.

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100% wait


He’s already scarce, no card is really comparable (Magic kinda sorta) AND there’s about to be a huge injection of MT into the market from people ripping for MJ in a few weeks. Giannis is prolly only gonna go up.


I have 450k waiting for MJ. I’m thinking of selling my Magic because I would likely run MJ at point guard. Also my amethyst Hedo Turkoglu has been outplaying my PD Pierce and it bothers me… Op should hold till MJ is drops or after. I’m sure people will want Cp3.

I might actually dump Klay for MJ, depending on how the stats work out. The only thing holding me back is the card has been unreal for me for the past two months, and I know as amazing as MJ will be, he won’t be able to replicate Klay’s shooting.

Yeah MJ is never really a shooter, but I have no doubt he will be better than Klay. But in MTU Klay is gonna be much more valuable. I’m sure of it.

Mj at the 1 with klay, i run them both now and in TTO. But klay/magic combo is better.

Hahaha, it’s so broken and I love it. HoF Dimer pass from Magic is pretty much an automatic 3 points for Klay.


im so inpatient I want to sell now to get the mt lol but I guess waiting is the move.

I’m holding 2 Giannis, 2 Bens, 1 Magic, 4 Gasols.


How long are you going to wait to sell Giannis?

Once I see his price rise up into the 500k range. I’m still holding Magic from his packs, but will cash in soon, because I don’t think that he’ll get much higher. I’m holding Ben hoping that he becomes the rare card for the set.

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I decided to pull my packs, because of this post btw. Thanks, bro. :raised_hands::fist_right:

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what do you think Giannis will go for once hes out of packs?

I’m hoping that he gets up in the 500k range. May need to add a diamond contract and shoe.

Diamond Klay goes for that now and Granger was getting close.

Hmm our future matchups will be interesting in a few months brother. I’m clawing through the offline modes currently lol.

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Definitely. What’s your team like now? I’m in fantasy domination.

It’s no where near yours lol. Only have 3 of the reward diamonds. I have 12 games left to play in Fantasy(wrapping up by saturday). Starting all time on Sunday to have that finished by Christmas. Sitting on 1.4 million mt for now. Thinking about G/O Shaq or waiting for G/O Magic

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Nice :+1: yeah I said the wrong domination. I’m on the last domination. I’m on all time domination. 1.4 million should get you some joe cards. Plus you’re gonna have a lot of tokens.