Just pulled 98 Chamberlain, AND PD kawhi, hmmm 2 packs later, this box might be lit

lmao right as hakeem comes i pull chamberlain ahhahaa

Best non shooting big in game

Do I sell 97 bron and use 99 kawhi as starter, or sell both and get 98 bron

But I have PD AD and PD Duncan as my 2 bigs alr

Weren’t you talking about doing a giveaway the other day? Hm 2K just pulled you right back in… bastards :thinking::joy:

Same here i pulled pd kawhi and hakeem in 1 10 pack box. I think they are juiced rn

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I have Wilt off the bench since he cant shoot, but hes fast af. I start PD AD and Magic

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it got no traction so i just sold my MT :? i shouldnt have gone for an anime title, also was in college

these guys know how to suck people in, always open packs in the first 6 hours of a new drop, it gets drier than the sahara after it

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I already had 97 Walton for that, since he had HOF dimer too, but is wilt better? or better off selling him?

ill make a proper lineup post coz this is too many palyers haa

Yeah but 2 pds in a box doe

My best was 2 Pds off 2 consecutive normal packs

baron and curry tho :confused:

Haha nice! I took a two week break from opening packs. Come back to pull PD KAT in a single draft pack after only opening 3 TB packs before to warmup. 2K masters at getting us hooked. Still haven’t bought VC in a while so I’m doing good. :sunglasses:

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I dont like Walton. I feel like hes so slim and it affects his defense

From the bench I use him kinda like lonzo XD

HE cant shoot like lonzo but with HOF dimer his outlet passes after a rebound feel great

HOLY FUCK I JUST HOPPed into a game with wilt

how is he this fast JEZ

Wilt was a track star in highschool. Jerry West said in practice that during sprints wilt would be 1st lmao

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JEEZ that stride no wonder

i thought AD in the fastbreak was fast, but wilt just raced past wall for a jam , i dont think i can sell him, i gotta keep him on the bench


You should keep him, hes a beast.

I reckon sell him, pay the extra 10-15k for one with a shoe that makes him even faster, either Curry’s or blue Jordan’s . Then get a rick Barry and he will have a 94 3pt shot lol trust me