Just opened 4 packs and pulled

97 Westbrook & Diamond Karl Malone I spent Mt.

Wow! That’s crazy!

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J/K good pulls :slight_smile:

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Yeah I feel like I deserve it after pulling 2 boxes of Jordan plus packs and only pulling amethyst tony Kucok lol

Don’t we all :joy:

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Good for you!

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I thought you quit lol

LOL dude Holly is a fkn legend. he’s quit about 5 times this year but dont put disrespek on this mans name

Lmao :joy: exactly 5x. Tried nba live for 3 months it went down hill soo jumped back to 2k

I have a few times. The MJ packs made me wanna come back. I use Mj every year my fav player

Lol all good shit I was banned on my other account told myself I’m done. I ended up coming back with all rubies made pd, sniped my way up to a pretty good squad. Now I’m 2 rounds in with 2 rounds to go on the way to KP. Shit too addicting. Lol

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:joy:… but man how did you get banned?

SMH I did that shit and still haven’t opened since lol

It’s fucked up cuz I didn’t even buy mt my homey gave me mt. We did it with 2 Ruby’s at like 35k each I think. I didn’t get any warning just banned. I did it before with another friend of mine too he quit and gave me his mt so maybe I had a warning flag on my account already, and the second time I did it they just banned me. Lol

Wow :open_mouth: that’s crazy. Leave it to them to get the wrong person lol

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