Just locked for GO Malone

Already have GO Blake. But whatever. My last year on 2k anyway :slight_smile:


why’d they switch his card art :woozy_face:

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Move Blake to the 3.

Detailed response on why its your final yr?? Congrats on Mailman…I’m a little jealous.

Way ahead of you man!

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Nice. I’ll be getting him soon, just monitoring Tmac’s price at the moment. Might just buy tonight when I get back from the gym. People seem to love him so far

I’ve been playing myteam since 2k11…I just want a break man.


Put orange cp3 on him and he gets sharp/slasher takeover with D’Antoni. Wait until you see this mans handles.


Do you know what takeover tmac gets with orange cp3? @daruler022


His handles are ridiculous. I might run him at point lol


Definitely will man! Thanks for the advice

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No cause I put South beach on mine, sorry.

What takeover does he have for u?

No problem, man. He’s goated.

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Which shoe should I put on T Mac?

I’m not sure, because I was using Karl so damn much. I’ll check after I eat.

I’ll pbly go one more year. This grind for Giannis has killed my motivation to ever go for the top reward card. Never again.

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I did pink adidas for post fade swb and steal

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I went with South beach to boost post defense and control as well as swb.

What are Malone’s and Tmac’s takeovers with D’Antoni?