Just had one of the worse TTO games Ive ever played

I was up 17 to 4 on a guy and all of a sudden I couldn’t make a single wide open shot and the guy came back slowly. I fucking hate this game, that was terrible and I can’t stress this enough. WTF 2k!

So what happens to me is I can win 20-30 games straight lately. Then I lose 3 out of 5 and its crazy near the end of the game. My guys won’t make anything and can’t hold the ball anywhere doing anything. The last game had about 4 bump steals in a row on me and i continued to just lose the ball without pressure at times. They need to turn this god damn bull shit off.

I am completely done after this year, i will never look back on this game. Its online play disappoints me so much I can’t handle it anymore.

Que the other thread where homie admit he took the L and can learn from it

Read first two post but you sound like a sad case…

The crying to much to bare with. Sound like you was up against a bum and got confident and started playing around and got spanked with the amazing comeback. Anyone up 17-4, could had took nothing but contested lay ups and still won due to the low difficulty in that mode. Take your L and move on, you still can drop the ball for the chance for a silver pack.

It’s TTO, losers can still pull shit.

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no the guy paused it and made me wait 2 mins so i pulled out. As far as the L, I don’t give a fuck about it. The complaining is legit and it happens when you are a competitor.

Lmao I think I was the one that came back and beat you. You had diamond Melo, PD Webber, and GO Wilt. You were hiding behind screens the whole start hitting limitless 3’s with Melo and I could literally do nothing, I think he had like 13 points by himself in the first minutes. You also offballed against me and I literally only made 2 baskets in the beginning. I just had to onball and try for steals or at least foul you to stop your momentum since you were up by 13. You also would just leave the 3 point line open whenever I drove or used screens, so I hit 3s on you with Giannis, Hakeem, and the game winning 3 from Magic lol


It was you but the problem for me was when i switch my player wouldn’t move. I couldn’t close out on you whatsoever. The movement of my players became slow and took way to long to change direction. My dunk animations back slow and the easiest to block. You did great coming back but I was frustrated with everything going to shit without my help. Once Melo went cold near the end, I couldn’t make wide open free throw jumper.

Nah yeah to be fair I agree, Melo did go cold cause I don’t think he made any more 3’s after the start. You also missed a wide open middie with Webber and a few dunks, so I mean things coulda turned out much differently. Good game tho lol I definitely thought I was fucked when you were up at 17

I missed a ton of wide open shots that could of won that game. I feel like when I get up big the game Eq becomes hardcore when I get around 15-19 points.