Just had an idea of something 2K might do at the end of the cycle

I am thinking that once they stop selling packs, they might do something like this:

Put out a perfect Galaxy Opal card (Jordan, LeBron, Kobe, etc) on the token market for like 1,500 tokens. 99 all attributes, all HOF badges…

Makes good sense for them, gets people to keep playing for something that will take them a while, and they don’t need to keep putting out packs and cards.

SO! Just something to think about as you build up tokens, it could be worth saving a bunch of them, or at least consider going for that 3,000 token goal…

1500 a bit much , not enough time .

The 3,000 tokens is enough for 2 tho

No idea what the amount would be, but it should be more than the normal 750 token price.

That is for the 5 GO’s . 1500 is too much

I don’t think I’m even gonna make the PD board lol

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Honestly , who even would be willing to pay that much , in reality they should be making it easier to get a GO this late in the cycle , not harder

Hahaha . There is always the next 2k

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You should be able to transfer your MT from one 2k to the next


Closest thing is to sell your MT. But if you want to buy MT at the beginning of the new 2K cycle it’s super expensive in the beginning. Like $50/100k

Yeah sure?

I’m sure saying that would be great for the player (customer) but would make them lose money so they won’t do it in a million years.

Madden had a way that you could grind for some reward in the current game that would translate into some extra rewards at beginning of the next year, but that was about it, these companies want you to basically start from scratch in these game modes.