Just had 340k mt stolen by 2k!

I tried to bid on a kyrie for 340k and was outbid. When I goto the outcomes, the card disappears and no mt goes into my account!! I’m trying to upload the vid but it says it’s in the wrong format. Anyway I hit up 2k support and they say there is nothing they can do and the developers are working on it. I asked when it would be fixed, because I’m not trying to wait a week for my mt that just disappeared. If this didn’t happen, I would have 3k tokens by the end of the night!

How long has it been since it disappeared?

Like 40 mins

Hope you can get a video otherwise they dont care

I have video! How do I convert it from iPhone lol

You can upload it to YouTube straight from your iphone

Or look for a video converter app in the app store

Nobody asks. I will. 340k on Kyrie? But why?
Hope you get your Mt back man. Wait till the servers are fine.

Probably to get Shaq. Kyrie is the gatekeeper


Did you try to restart your console?

Every Shaq Requirement goes up.
Aside from curry


Unless u have more then 50 in your auction outcomes, it wont show up

50 in outcomes, What?

Somestuff won’t show up if have an excessive amount of bids, buy outs, etc.
when you click on it, it will say.

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How full are your outcomes

Ah nvm, I read that as he needed to have 50 in order to make it show up

https://youtu.be/a5VvVnRmR1g link to vid

Hahah, nice way to clear up a minor panic attack.

Once I get kyrie I get Shaq and 3k tokens