Just got Scammed by @Angelscried4u

Said he was willing to buy 200k for 40$, we came to a compromise of starting off with 50k and then he sends me the code. I bought his cards and he didn’t give me the code. Of course, like a good scammer, he deleted all the messages saying he agreed to the deal. He basically scammed 50k off me. He only left these messages un deleted. Ban him or do something about this, this is unfair and kinda shitty. He is a shitty person with no regard for other people’s hardwork or anything. I am tired of shitty people like him who scam people out of MT. He seemed genuine but I guess not… I’m down 50k, and will never EVER agree to go second in a transaction. I’ve learned this lesson twice. He even gave vouchers for when he sold MT. Guess greedy assholes like him will just jump at the opportunity to steal other people’s MT. Congratulations on depriving me of all my time and grind on domination.
@Angelscried4u I hope you enjoy your 50k Virtual MT you horrible person. I really hope you look in the mirror just to see what a horrible person you are.


I think PS4. He tried to sell me his account a bit back.

PS4… Im very disappointed with the people in this community who scammed me. If Anybody wants 100k for a 20$ PSN card, I am willing to sell my MT but ONLY IF YOU GO FIRST. I don’t care about credibility even if you are the most trustworthy person. I am sick and tired of being scammed.

Would be greatly appreciated if you guys could find a way to ban him and remove him off this forum forever, thanks!

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Well sorry to say but 9/10 you won’t get a deal. If someone has great rep and you expect them to go first you’re just making it harder for you to make a deal especially if you have no rep. If I encountered A person that had no rep, me(with a good amount of rep) would never go first to someone without you’re just asking to get scammed. Just my 2 cent.

He sure as hell said he had reputation from selling mt. Sent a screenshot of his reputation from @Ricky_Blaze. Unfortunately ended up as a liar and a cheat. I was willing to sell my MT, and reputation must be built from trust. If you don’t have a rep wouldn’t that make you more willing to earn rep than someone like @Angelscried4u who abused his rep. If people can’t see from my messages that i’m not a genuine person then i’m fine with that. Just lost 50k, and won’t be getting any money for my MT. I’ll just live with that and continue on with whatever is in store for me. He gloat all he wants, he didn’t even have to do anything for that MT, just sit around and laugh at my stupidness to deal with him.

I wont deny it, i did indeed scam him out of 50k, he wanted me to send him $20 for 25k and then do the other ones at 25k, i knew he would take my $20 and only buy one of my players, sorry bud, but i feel no remorse, you was going to get me, just so happen i got you first

Or you could have not participated in the act at all if you felt uncomfortable instead of doing something objectively wrong and selfish? Or naw.

BTW this guy tried to subglitch me a while back. I didn’t say anything as I didn’t want to hurt his rep here but clearly he’s suffering from a moral deficit.


Haha he even admits he scammed me. I have no business scamming people. I don’t even play this game anymore. I wouldn’t take your 20$ for 25k because I don’t even want to be tempted into playing this game. Whatever man, the fact that you tried scamming me makes you a terrible person. The fact that you went ahead and did it. WOW. How can you even live with yourself for that. How can you possibly walk around like what you did was not the most douchebag move in the world. You assumed that I would scam you, but I wouldn’t have. I did 20$ for 25k to protect myself. 25k to show that I was willing to pay the MT. And then get the 20$ to show that the buyer would not just take 100k without paying me. Guess you just played me like a book. Making assumptions about somebody is the worst thing anybody can do and the fact that you said YOU FEEL NO REMORSE. You scammed me out of HOURS OF GRIND. HOURS OF SNIPING AND WORKING THE MARKET. All wasted time for this trash game and trash people like you. You should go seek moral support and learn how to feel sorry for the things you did. and Feel sorry for being an asshole. Go seek some mental help and emotional help, you really need it.

You surely should have hurt his rep. People like him who try to cheat others and take others things are just all around assholes and selfish. You are 100% correct. You didn’t have to scam me but you did. You could have politely declined but you didn’t… Seriously consider your actions, one day they will come back to haunt you.

Wow bro not cool… you’re officially a scammer and a subglitcher that’s not a good rep at all. You had someone vouch for you now you’ve made that person a bad rep as well. It’s not looking to good for you. You should give the OP his my back!

Then again op why would you want him to give you $20 for 2k that’s sounds sketchy as well. Yea I’m out of this convo this is a mess. Hopefully you guys work something out.

Did you not read why I did 20$ for 25k. I was willing to pay 25k to show I was WILLING to buy his cards for MT. I even said you know what fine, we can do 50k first to show that I am genuine and willing to buy his MT. Then he pays me the 20$ to show that he is WILLING to give me my money. Then he lists another few cards up and we conclude business. Sadly, him with his messed up broken down vile brain, so this as a way to assume I was a scammer and steal 50k from me. It’s just bad deeds put on his name. He will deal with it in the future.

I will say this, the ppl i used for vouchers are legit ppl and had nothing to do with this, as for this situation, i do not feel bad, i saw a opportunity and i took it, my moral compass isnt fucked, im completely ok with what i did, i know it sounds bad but its a game, u didnt work that hard for 50k, had u presented me with a reasonable deal, like u go first and buy all four of my players oppose to 1 then this wouldnt be a thing, imagine how different this conversation would have been if he would have scammed me out of $20, but its cool, if i have to get banned then so be it, and as far as subglitching, i did it, idk if it was with thay guy but i have, plan and simple, that night i wasnt good enough, and i was salty, so i said fuck it

Well, some people in this thread have damaged rep in my eyes now :\

Haha your moral compass isn’t messed up. BUDDY YOU JUST STOLE SOMEONE’S SHIT. I don’t think you quite comprehend what an asshole you are. You saw an opportunity and took it. If you saw an opportunity to kill somebody for 100 million dollars would you do it? From what I have seen, YES!
Funny how you say imagine how different this convo would be IF I SCAMMED YOU. IF. I wasn’t going to scam you. I wasn’t going to do anything, but you assumed. I took a leap to trust you, and seems like it was the wrong mistake. It’s ok, I know there are messed up people in the world and thats fine. It was your decision to scam you and I had nothing to do with it. I didn’t scam you so there cannot be an if. Good luck in the future, your headed down the wrong path, I hope you can discover a way to get back on track.

@DaNali sorry i let u down

Just don’t scam. If you feel uncomfortable and the other party feels uncomfortable, try to compromise and see if you can get a trusted rep in this forum to act as a middle man.

You didn’t let anybody down but yourself. I’m sorry that you guys have to see something like this. We must all believe that people are inherently good. Always put trust and never assume. Sorry for taking a toll on your head and everything! Good luck in the future!