Just Got PD Webber (Collector Level Help) The Chase for Giannis!

I’m on 2,000 Cards right now with 3.9 Million MT left. Should I make a run for JR? Is it enough to acquire Giannis? I completed Current Roster and some Premium Sets 70% done on Throwbacks. about 40% on Heat Check Cards.

My Main goal aswell is to Get the 3000 Tokens If I can. I’m just missing MJ on Series 1, Series 2 I only have Larry and Lebron, Series 3 I have the first 3 Players. Haven’t gotten to 12-0 yet as I Don’t play MTU much. I enjoy TTO. Are all these realistic goals or should I just Stop on CWebb and sell back all I can? Don’t want to spend anymore.


I think you can Get GO Giannis. Everything is cheaper.

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Forgot to Mention finished all Dom but only Completed 1 Schedule and 1 Challenge. How many Cards can I get from them? I’m on PD tier on token and only Redeemed 1 in Patrick Ewing but I’m sitting on 829 Tokens.

But I pretty much bought all the cheap cards now it’s down to Amys and some more Moments cards plus finishing up Throwback teams and then the expensive ones.

The Heatchecks are expensive I think you can do it. Get some FA too.
@jdealla Might help on the estimate

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You can def get Giannis with what you’ve got. I don’t even think you need to sell anything. Although I had about 75% of throwbacks done when I was at 2000.

Do you have heat checks? I have all of the western conference still as well as a lot of moments and premium and we can work out fair prices if you want. I’m willing to go a little below market.

Just take inventory of what you’re missing and we can talk.

Here’s my thread btw Giannis Chase: HE'S HERE

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Also Giannis is worth the MT you lose on the sell back. And you get JR. I have a really good team and didn’t think I’d use JR but he is my bench SG now.


I meant by selling is to give up on the chase for Giannis and cut my losses.

Who should I target? which cards? I do have some Heat Check Cards probably 30% of the set on my estimation.

Heat checks are priced to sell right now because people don’t care about tokens anymore. Buy any heat check you can for 3k or less. That will be the bulk of your work since you probably have 250 to 300 to buy.

Do you have all of the cheap cards like balls, arenas, uniforms, playbooks, coaches, etc?

Yes I have all those cheap stuffs already

Pmed u

Those FA cards help a ton if you don’t want to buy MT , I got my last 30 from schedules , but you have more than enough to get Giannis. So go for it … just remember to sleep though :slight_smile:

Some advice OP…focus on Giannis. To hell w locking in all that MT for the tokens. Worthy, Petit, Wilt are sick, but they are becoming outdated every week. Sell those 20th anniv players & go get J.R. & Giannis. Then you’ll have 5 million or so to get whoever u want once u sell back. Might even have 6-7 mil.

Then you can remember my advice & sell me some MT on the low…haha.

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I spent about 210 tokens on sapphire and ruby reward cards #AllinforGiannis

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Thanks for the advice guys. will hope to get it done by this weekend. I’m on 2,050 Cards with 3.8 Million MT left. Should I sell all my anniv cards? what about locking those in for the 3000k Tokens?

i don’t think u need to sell anni cards but in case you do then you can buy them back after the sell off. maybe the tokens will be worth it later if they add new opals but right now they aren’t. my advice is to NOT lock throwback or the anni sets yet, but have them all ready to lock later.

Haven’t lock Anniv yet but Was dumb to locked about 12 Teams in Throwback. Sell off is a long Process to eh? You lose about 30-50% of your MT?

Down to 187 Cards to JR with 3.8 Mil Left. Too much grind did cards go up like Throwbacks?

Nah…still dirt cheap. You have enough. I would suggest you do it before the weekend hits bc prices will be high until Monday afternoon…selling on the wknd is a huge W if u pull it off