Just got PD Giannis with diamond contract and foams for 360k

Gonna flip the shit outta this card!!

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No way in hell Giannis stays at 300k lol this the only one we gonna get i bet

With 2k solving the code dilemma he might stay even fall in price.

I sold that with same price 2-3 days ago. Someone else’s flip attempt may be failed too :slight_smile:

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That was yours, funny.

Yeah got him from the board, added what i had and send it to ah for 24h. Dunno mine or not but seems like that’s the top limit for him nowadays.

Yep you’re right. Havent seen 400k in a while.

When do you think I should sell my Giannis with Kobe Mids?

There is no certainty about the code fix so it is hard to predict. Normally I would say wait but it could be a price reduction already tomorrow if they give people their codes/cards.

For me personally I just took the risk and purchased a base Giannis for 286k. Refused to pay 300k+ :smiley:

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Too hard to guess now.

I have this and one more. 2K won’t solve this code issue until after New Years, so that gives me a few days for people to get anxious.