Just got PD Duncan!

Just grinded finish fantasy domination, got enough tokens for Duncan. After i finish all time, i got my eyes on stockton!

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Congrats! He and Stockton looks great to me too. Just dont like the amys and diamonds so I dont lock in yet…

Of the diamonds and amy rewards, im only using baron, camby, peja, in my starting 5, and marques, petrie off the bench. Going for a defence first line up haha

Congrats. Ima start running off some of these domination games. Its hard for me to play the comp game after game. But i wanna move up some tiers here for the rewards. I wanna grab some of these amy n di rewards.

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Nice pick up man. He will be my first PD if I ever get that many tokens. He is an endgame big for sure and he will be perfect with the diamond purple kyrie shoe.

He can only wear adidas tho!

Damn thats unfortunate, I cant decide yet who will be my first PD

Did u do anything special as far as saving up tokens? Or can finishing up doms give u enough to keep unlocking tiers?

I dont rlly need him to shoot that many 3s tho, i placed a acceleration, pass, and steal shoe on him, and with gregg pop as my coach, he has a 79 steal, with 88 lat quickness and 99 str, 99 def rebounding, 99 block. Nt too mention 10 HOF badges (the post scoring badges, defensive stopper, rim protector, hustle rebounder and bruiser). I added pickpocket, pick dodger, break starter and dimer to him. He can switch 1-5 at this pt of the game nw.


Shiiiiiit. Well he’ll still be my first pick.

Btw did they give him a better post fade? His fade in previous games pretty much had no separation.

he got 97 post fade

Nice work man thats a lot of grinding. You got all those tokens just from completing the doms? Or you also had to buy a bunch of cards on AH?

When the game first came out i didnt do domination at all, i was grinding the pre-nerf triple threat board 7, 5 tokens for 5 games, up to the pt i got nerfed. Managed to get to the amy board without locking in anything. Only started domination 5 days ago?

Then i finished all the collections except the warriors, both the heat check collections, and the throwback collections (360 tokens) , worked the auction house alot and bought some MT on this site.

Then i spent abt 180k MT to go from 500 cards to 1000 cards by sniping uniforms, playbooks arenas coaches etc to get the 250 token reward.

I then sold back all the cards and actl made a profit. But it took me a full day to do it, pretty tedious.

Completing all time domination and locking in all the reward uniform/logo/arena sets gives u 419 tokens

I meant his animation

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Tbh im pretty shitty with post moves, im planning on learning them soon. His spin is pretty disgusting tho. HOF spin badge makes him do the takeover spin animation on weaker post players even when hes not hot.

Havent started on all time dom, but finishing it gives me abt 180+ tokens, which is enough for a 2nd PD, either stockton or grant hill.

I want to test the limits of a 3 man HOF Defensive stopper line up with stockton at the 1, maurice lucas at the 4 and duncan at the 5

nice im halfway there. already got 5 diamonds

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PD Duncan and Pd Pierce are nice, especially Duncan, he feels better than the PD last year and I loved that card. Congrats

did u lock every collection? i got like 15-20 locked. just wondering if ill have enough tokens