Just got hit with error code while i was 8-0

anyway i can get my loss back like i have played a lot of games and nba2k20 has to be the worst game ever like foreal

i havent really played ANY OTHER 2K BUT NBA2K20 makes me so frustrated and the people who made it get so much money and dont care about the gameplay

so probably not buying 2k21 because its just depressing trying to go 12 and 0 when u grinding up to 8-0 and you get an error code and you cant even know if its you or 2k just being bad

but ive learned that the owners of 2k probably are some rich losers who dosent give a fuck

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That has happened to me many times while doing a customers’ run. Just the other day, I got hit with an error code loss late in the run twice and had to start over for the third time. It’s a headache and makes you want to give up at times.