Just got diamond MJ with diamond shoe

Got him with the diamond open 3 point and open mid range Jordan shoe. He also had a diamond contract but that’s not a big deal. Just used him for the first time and yeah… he’s a monster. I paid 440k for him. I just don’t care about my MT that much anymore. Might as well have fun. I have 200k left and I’ll try to build some more up for a potential playoffs AD. Anyone wanna run a game real quick to try out some new players?

Hit me if u still wanna test :slight_smile:

What’s your PSN? I’m not sure if I’m friends with you on ps4.

Onrak :wink:

I’m down for some friendlies today too. Fuck SM. I started 8-1 and have ben cuffed for 6 straight games.

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Okay I’ll play you when me and Ddrop get done with our game. This SOB has PD Magic and PD MJ lol


I don’t think you’ll survive this to play me lol.

Alright we’re done. Are we friends on PSN?

Good game Ddrop!

Gg bro Melo is nasty :sob:

Melo has to be the best SF in the game. He just doesn’t miss.

I don’t like him :joy: but he didn’t miss really.

You had him and didn’t like him?

Pulled 3 times, sold 3 times :grin:

Diamond Melo is really that nice on offense? Compare him to Bird if you could. I need a Bird-esque shooter for my bench.

Using Bird + him is a bit confusing for me. One has a slowy, the other is damn fast release i can’t do that, mostly trying to keep similar releases as backups. His release is faster than my reflexes :joy:

Understood. Saw one ending at 145k and passed on him. I also missed a Rondo expiring at 100k, that’s a damn good snipe. He sells for around 180k still during peak times I believe

He definitely needs a defensive shoe btw, Melo i mean. I put every d shoe i had on Melos i pulled and sold all around 270k-330k range when he was new. Each shoe gave me 50-70k.

Best shoe for him?

One with the defensive IQs