Just got Ben Wallace from ascension

… except that I got a duplicate BJ Armstrong! WTF??

got him on the last pick of the last ascension board (I had like 12 cards left to turn) and then this happens …

anyone know how to file a ticket? I generally just take the loss and move on, but this is ridicolous


Both are in the assension board.

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really? ah ok thanks, did not know that

well, still pissed though, I literally had 12 cards left and no Ben

then, thinking about it, he is so cheap on the AH that it’s not that big of a deal …

I got BJA early and got Wallace with my 2nd to last pick on level 35.

Just happened to me too. Checked my collection and I got both. Weird

yes, same here - I did not realize it at first, but I got both (BJ in a pack, and Ben straight in my collection)

Didn’t get Ben either on my final ascension board. The card is useless at this stage anyway so not a big loss