Just got 2k20, what are some tips to start off in myteam?

Bought the game cause of the 70% sale on psn store rn and looking to get back into myteam, nothing too hardcore just as a back up to when warzone starts getting old.

I’m assuming there’s already strategy guides and introductions from the beginning of the year, But had a couple questions and was looking if I can get some help to go in the right direction as at this point, it seems like the game is towards the end of its lifecycle from a content perspective

  1. Coming in at this point in the game, What is the Best thing to do to start off? And for the starter packs if I choose D rose, could I still buy VC or Tmac from the auction house?

  2. What are the domination rewards like this year? I’ve been seeing a lot of eco cards but haven’t seen exactly what you get, mtc and mtdb don’t have it organized very well for rewards

  3. Is tt offline worth the grind? I’ve seen what rewards come from that and there’s over 1000 tokens, 100k mt and go Dominique, but is 1000 wins worth all that?

  4. How does spotlight sim Challenges work and are they worth the grind? Is it just you play the series of games with like D wade or KG and then get the Alonzo mourning after you complete the whole series?

  5. Are weekly challenges still a thing?

  6. what sort of system do they have for online play this year? Is it like mtu style or like co op challenges? Or has it reverted back to the old 2k16-17 style of divisions? Judging by the shaq card with limitless and 90 3 ball I can tell it’s still a sweat fest

  7. What are some solid Budget cards or evo’s to use and rank up initially? And how is the state of the market currently? Like amys for 10-20k, Low end diamonds For 20-30k Like around this time last year?

Again I apologize for creating another thread for guidelines and info but I feel like coming in at this point of the year is defs different than coming in at launch and was wondering if I can get some insight so I start off on the right foot


Play dom or offline tto until you have about 10k MT to work with. Make sure to enter in all locker codes from the past 7 days too.

I would then do the hawks, rockets and Cavs spotlight sims.

Buy Bonga and Bamba for cheap and your lineup will be
Bonga - Porter JR - Reddish - RoCo - Bamba

That team can compete with pretty much anything you’re gonna see


Thanks that helps a lot to start!

For the sim challenges tho, do you just need the dwade or the kg? Or is it like the old 2k15 road to the finals where you accumulated a whole team of cards and have to essentially win with those players are your whole line up?

For the last game on each challenge you need 10 players from whatever team you are doing. There are no other specific players needed so you should try to buy each player for 750 or less


Oh no way, those are defs something to grind then I’ll look at them for sure

You are alluding to the player spotlight challenges. Don’t do those. It will cost too much MT and rewards are not great. Spotlight Sim is the ones that provide current NBA player diamonds as rewards.

In terms of starter, all of the starters have better gem cards in the AH at this point. VC, Rose and Dirk has opals and Hakeem has a PD.

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Ohh ya I might’ve been confusing the two. If I gotta buy line ups that’s not worth it but the ones to grind sim are defs worth it I think. And Ight I’ll probably go with rose cause I see he has his high diamonds and I like using him usually

Are the emerald starts available for purchase tho or nah? Cause I’d honestly be content with using like tmac and vc too simply to have something to grind and improve

Rose was OP at beginning of the year. The Evo starter ruby got me through domination.


That’s what I like to hear then lol

i would just do what @cheddarbob says :rofl: i think he started <1 month ago and has got a great team already and 550k last i remember seeing. also check out tydebo’s youtube channel (hes the 2k20 PNO 100k champion), he has a series on budget ballers and those are all great players. he has reddish/covington/clarke.


Rip packs ASAP you’re almost guaranteed to get a good pull due to the algorithm for new users


for spotlight sims if you are confused, can check this out for the basics. not the most updated but it should help i think

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Honestly I will to start with what my I get cause the years I’ve bought the game late I pull a big time diamond and then sell them off to buy a full budget squad.

But have been around long enough to know 2k is barely worth buying at full price, let alone spending more money on aha

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Thanks that helps a lot actually!

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Buy a box, you’re guaranteed to pull that new user bait card


Does it still work if I’ve bought every 2k since 15, just late aha?

i shouldnt be encouraging this, but vc is 25% off too

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a cheap and good starting lineup only from the AH could be

Amy Bonga
Amy Lance
Ruby Jeff Green
Ruby Thon Maker
Amy Bamba

you should be able to snipe these too as they’re fairly common and they’ve been in superpacks or locker codes recently

then as everyone says grind the spotlight sims


Solid I’m kinda hype that there’s a lot to grind.

Are the collector levels worth completing?

Lol have to make sure I don’t spend any more money

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