Just getting into myteam finally. Opinions please!

Was top 50 last year on xbox and honestly just needed a break from 2k’s myteam. Casually getting back into the mode, just curious how I should spend my time. Domination? Triple threat? Weekly challenges?

This is my squad starting out. Sitting on 170k MT as well.

Get magic instead of simmons and thank me later. Even oscar is better.

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Get Hakeem by going 12-0 in unlimited this month. Dom is probably a waste at this point.

Assuming you mean PD magic?

But isnt dom worth the grind for the tokens and MT? The game hasn’t been out THAT long

Even if I get all the tokens at least I can use them to upgrade my team with diamonds or pink diamonds

Did you miss the free pink diamond fiasco?

The token market diamonds are outdated and the pink diamonds are pretty damn near close to being outdated. For the amount of time that dom takes to finish I would not do it if I were just starting out now. The MT might be nice if you’re low though.

I got PD allen Iverson and sold him since I didnt like his height…

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Thanks for the opinions!!! Definitely listening to all

Def get PD Magic.

I would replace Simmons with amy Oscar, and Wiggins with sapphire Iggy or emerald Trevor Ariza. At this stage in the game those cards don’t really perform as well as most cards.

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I think imma grind for the MT for sure. I kinda got antsy and bought a PD Griffin for 95k

Thanks! The line up is really for the domination and to get through some of it so theres many changes that will happen. Simmons is just easy to use against the cpu at this early stage in the game :joy::joy::joy:

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Get a knockdown shooter that is almost all 2k amounts too this year also make sure he is tall preferably a sf

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Hey man, welcome back. If i were you i would check out the amythest and diamond player rewards available in the token market. If there are some you like then i would go through domination. The whole thing should net you between 100k- 200k MT and give you enough tokens to unlock like like 7 or 8 of the amythyst players. From there i think TTO is the best way to get tokens and MT, assuming you can win half your games or more. Weekly challenges seems to be weak this year. 3 tokens and the MT rewards doesnt net you too much. TTO offline i believe gives you more tokens per minute than weeklys because the games are shorter, doing those up until you get to board 7 is probably worth it.

Awesome thanks for all the advice will definitely take all that in!

No worries man, good luck. If you are interested in making your team better. Some good cards for the money are:

Amy Oscar - under 8k PS4
Ruby Reggie Lewis - under 2k PS4
Amy Loul Deng - under 8k ps4
Amy Hedo - under 30k ps4 although price has been rising
Ruby Darius Miles - maybe 5k
Amy Draymond - under 20k

Not sure if any are your playstyle but they are solid cards for the MT other thanthe PD anniversarys because of the locker code. Also there should be a big moments drop soon so you may be able to snipe some other players too.

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These budget cards are legit. My favorites that I still run are:

  1. Trevor Ariza (Emerald) - He is a covert Amy in my opinion with (maybe) my favorite release in the game. I badged him (DRD, Limitless, DStopper) and dropped the pink/white adidas on him. He gives PDs & Diamonds fits for days in TTO. Love it.
  2. Hedo (Amy)
  3. Darius Miles (Ruby)
  4. Draymond (Amy) - sometimes run him
  5. Mo Pete (Ruby but also the Emerald card was solid) - Don’t run him as much as I used to. But dude shoots the lights out.

Edit: Oh, and that Sapphire Iggy card is crazy legit. Plays way above his stats. And that Sapphire TMac shoots the lights out too.