Just bought Diamond X

I know I’m late to the party, but damn… he just changed the vibe of my entire night.

Took him into TTO with Giannis and Ben Simmons and won the first two games by a combined score of 44-11.

Just a menace of a card. I was chilling, just listening to some Thievery Corp and he totally out played my laid back vibe, lol. I had to start playing the new Tool album while I rip off some more games.

Certified Goon Squad… they really blessed this card with the raw energy, killer instincts and passion that the X-Man brought game-in and game-out.

X-Man, Weapon X, DMX Daddy… call him whatever you want, this card has the 2K sauce all over it.

Got me out there playing defense like I’m trying to hurt people’s feelings.


Dude is a god at Amy bro I’m grinding him now and it’s a easy dunk every play man


I’m actually listening to Thievery while playing 2K right now :joy:

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Just bought his PD for 215k like an hour ago :joy: I feel sorry for whoever grinded this card for days just to get this laughable amount of mt.


I grinded him to :gem: & sold him for 160k. Then picked up the PD w/ :gem:contract for 230k. :partying_face:


I’m one game away from getting him to Diamond… can’t wait.

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I was about to evo him to PD but saturday I told myself he could drop. I sold the diamond for 200k !


I think I want to evo him to PD and just keep him. he’s so beastly and when he gets that 3pt & SWB boost at PD I have to imagine he is just unstoppable. Am I crazy for wanting to keep him?

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I m keeping him aswell. One of the best cards in the game, if not best

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How are you guys getting him for so cheap? I’m getting outbidded at 250k every time on ps4.

Thievery is probably my favorite music to listen to while I play 2K… the combination just works so well for me.

I was a big fan for a long time, but the recent Temple albums pushed my love for them over the top.

They have that sound that can transform the entire vibe of my house when I turn the music up loud… there is such a multidimensional aspect to their music with so much layer and depth, but yet, it’s always so chill and right on time.

But why am I telling you these things… you already know!! :facepunch:t3: :facepunch:t3: :facepunch:t3:

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Honestly man, I was really trusting the comments you had made about X when I splashed my MT and bought the diamond.

I feel like you and I both look for and appreciate similar qualities in cards, placing high value in strong defense, proper badging and elite finishing.

I couldn’t be happier about adding him to the squad. He has been a beast in all areas of the game and your recommendation was spot on.

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They keep me calm and sane when playing MTU! I’m actually going on the road with them in a few days, believe it or not lol.

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Not crazy at all…

The X-Man is a keeper.

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Wow… I’m so glad I didn’t pull the trigger and buy him over the weekend.

That’s a HUGE difference from what I paid for the diamond… I barely had to spend over 100K, but maybe I just got really lucky last night.

It’s crazy what a couple of days can do to the market.

Yep, same “feel” for me while playing 2K.

And hell yes man, that is awesome!! What shows are you going to??

I will be at the Tampa and Orlando shows in November and can’t wait!! I’m thinking about driving down from Orlando to Miami to catch the Miami show… but I’m not sure if I want to drive all the way back up to Tampa the next day, lol.

Damn, just thinking about adding another leg to the road trip has me feeling like a kid already!!!

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Took soo many L in the past 2k I didn’t wanna take the risk his price was unrealistic !

Good timing. It was 11 am here in Europe so that’s 5 am ET. Not many people were on. That’s the best time to buy.

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Mine sold for 250K, I knew I was going to take an L though because I couldn’t grind fast enough.

Will pick the card up again when the ah is flooded with them.

For sure bro not to mention he has that long athlete layup package like Giannis so his hop step is ferocious man he’s a beast can’t wait to finish him

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