Just Blew my tokens in the Token Market

So 2k has packs with guaranteed Throwback Elites in the token Market for 150 tokens and guaranteed Moments players for 15 tokens. I was aiming for moments Klay Thompson. I pulled 4 token moments packs. Pulled emerald Derrick Rose, ruby vucevic, ruby Steven Adams, and sapphire Zach Lavine. Definitely not worth 60 tokens. I don’t have any more players I want to unlock from token market, but still it’s not worth it. Just a warning to anyone curious. I’ll redeem a little less than 3200 after I quick sell these cards.


I did one pack hoping for the same. Saph Evan Fournier. That was enough for me LoL

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Yeah just another way for 2k to take from you lol. I’m probably not gonna even do anymore sets to get tokens now after that. I’m only missing Paul Pierce, Stockton and Wilt. I don’t know if Pierce and Stockton are worth locking in more collections.


Damn they got you too :laughing:

ehh was worth a try lol

I’m curious how bad the throwback elites are… Lanier for 150 tokens :face_vomiting:

Yall should ban yourselfs from entering casinos, the amount of gamblers this site has :smile:


Some dude posted getting Klay on twitter, it’s always the casuals lol


Honestly for 150 tokens Klay & Granger are the only 2 worth pulling.

Yeah but soo many elites in those packs it’s a low chance of pulling. Could be Rudy Gay, jr, mashburn, bing pf stockton.

I’m about to try one more token pack. I’m not collecting anymore tokens anyway.

Hit us with the results LoL

No card is worth 150 tokens unless his name is Duncan.

Thanks for doing this instead of me! Haha. I’ll hold my tokens thank you very much.


Nah rest is not worth that much considering how expensive tokens are. Moments packs should be 5-7 tokens and Tb Elite one should be 75 with a diamond guaranteed.

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Finally some Luck. Sapphire Sabonis. This card would have cost me 900 Mt and I was able to get him for 15 tokens.


Is Pierce good? I had enough to unlock him and saw negative reviews about him so blew the tokens on Moments packs.

Hold that 2nd Lol. I see you are really adventurous this year.

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