Just beat a guy who did this but want to learn

Just beat this loser who offballed the whole game.( I normally don’t talk shit or use the mic but proceded to verbally abuse him the whole game) Had the playbook glitch as well so couldn’t run plays but still managed to win. He was also doing this thing where he would run down the court and pass it to his big men and dunk after I made a basket. He did that for 80% of the game.

Even after I set the big men to deny, he was still able to do it but a lot less. My big men were also quite fast (Shaq, walton, mutumbo, webber and ak)

So my question is how do you combat those two things, the off ball when there’s a playbook glitch (I ran alot or pnr) and the big men beating you down the court even with defensive settings set to deny.

Appreciate any insight :pray:

What big men did he use, and what big men did you use?

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I started Shaq & walton. Mutumbo, webber Off the bench. He was running regular pd Kareem and Blake.

in bound it quick look up the court for open passes — you can pass a lot of guys open by leading them past their defender for easy dunks

on the other hand you should manually sprint your bigs back & user deflect these passes up the court


Full court press and stay in the passing lane with your man that’s guarding the opponent’s inbounder.

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This was done a lot in 2017. Since then I always run my big back to defense after every goal or FT just in case. Just RB then LT after made shot and run towards your rim.


Problem is I’m In broadcast view which doesn’t allow me to see that far back. I know I’m at a disadvantage with the camera angle for this particular aspect of the game but It’s so much more enjoyable for me. I can play 2k cam but I haven’t out enough time to be as good as I am with broad.

I usually use half court press but will have to resort to this sometimes I guess.

Learn 2 freelances good, I run more freelance than plays

Which ones do you recommend?

OP I would advise you to learn at least two different freelances. That way if you get the playbook glitch you have a fallback.

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Can’t go wrong with Flow

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I run back every time with the center after a made basket. Next i run up to whichever sg or sf they like to chuck it up the floor and shoot 3s with.


Practice some series and mix in the 4 out pnr.

What are series? I heard about 5 out series. What does that even mean?

All 5 players on the perimeter , lots of space for pnr and pnf if you got a card like giannis

Basically a set of plays based on a similar action that the cpu runs for you. You can’t call them for a specific player, though. The ai chooses who does what based on matchups and tendencies. I suggest trying some out in scrimmage mode or against the cpu in play now.