Just another post to discredit Lebron James

How do you ask how many rings would Lebron have if he played in the West? As if that makes his accomplishment any less impressive. If It is soo easy to go to 8 Straight Finals. Why hasn’t anyone else done it? Are there no other good players of the East in the last 20 years? Don’t wait till he suffers an injury and say he can’t win in the West.

Do we ask how many rings would Mj have without Pippen and Coach Phil Jackson?

How many Rings would Curry have without Klay, KD, Draymond and Coach Kerr?
How many rings would Tom Brady have without Belichick?
How many Finals does Kobe make it to without Shaq?
People try to create their own narrative to discredit Lebron everyday lol. How


ya media just headhunting lebron now at this point


Media turned on him overnight lol wow


I guess playing in L.A will do that. They wanted to see Lakers go to the playoffs. It brings more money. Now they make their money off of tearing him down everyday.

oh ya this def gets them clicks n views

just the way the machine works

notice how theres nothing on rondo, chandler, mcgee, lance

as far as im concerned NONE of them came out to play this year, but who wanna hear about them right?

LeBron is about to pass mj in scoring

He’ll gets his praise tomorrow

I’m just mad at Kyrie , if he wasn’t so scared of being pippen , we wouldn’t be having this conversation


I’m soo confused. I could have sworn you didn’t like Lebron.

Lebrons going to find it really hard being dethroned as the king. I hope he has a couple more solid years

as offputting as this sounds

has he not earned the right to not play defense ?

I’m not surprised about this narrative. He opened himself up to this by not making the playoffs in the West as soon as he joined the conference. Injury plays a role, but these losses to the Suns and the Clips just make the injury thing look like a weak excuse.

I love Lebron I just don’t think he’s the GOAT but he’s the second greatest imo and I got to watch him in full . I don’t like the criticism Lebron gets because he’s proved he’s a MONSTER but they want him to be Jordan or Kobe but that’s not in his DNA

I just want to see Lebron where he belongs in the finals


Lol he’s getting the Melo treatment


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Kyrie is getting it pretty bad too this season. Charles Barkley called Kyrie the most miserable person he’s ever seen

Chuck got a problem with everyone who’s got a ring

media included

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He would have at least 2 rings with the teams he’s had