Jus play worst game 2k histors somronr got go

Ha worst game year enbarassin depts this
Overmats playin streaming bryguy who watcs all time felt need rematch after L last Tim’s omg kept getin early releade aftes Granger brick open it over fron there. It sad lowjs I dashboard not even quit game do frustrate Ewing rele ad made him los sorry try use miles over curry caus baton alway lock down curry horrible choice. Aftes this my king xbox gona no longer king tuff walk crown had be done

Aftes this my king xbox gona no longer king tuff walk crown had be done. Ths ney new facedownload%20(1)
Ths my new hat jmnos time bums go who need 3m whi sell

Miles in lineups after that on ah and ewing rekt ad. What shoils I do this hotrible… brick brick melo actuas best that sad say others that early early early early releasd… I been snipin too mics I’m wash up

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Get this broke ass mans some contracts FFS


Can someone translate?

You ever clear your notifications bro?

Already knew who this was by reading the title.



He is saying that he regrets replacing Darius Miles at point with Steph Curry and Ewing with AD. He kept getting early releases over and over again. He sniped too much and hasn’t played too much. Oh and there’s an omg and I’m washed up in there wherever you want to put it lol


No swings kill ad coulans guard pick roll save life

I never have commented on his posts…but I have no idea what he is saying this time. Usually I can piece it together.

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Oops I think i misread. Maybe he was saying he bricked a lot and ad was killed by Ewing. Damn you might have even confused me this time

Since when have you been the King on Xbox Carlo? Here you go on that bullshit again…


Live footage of Carlo


People are starting to understand speaking Carlo


Sins year started

Imagine getting 30-pieced by a guy rocking a backwards SnapBack and a chin strap


Didn’t I make you quit so what that make me?


Guard pick roll save life :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: this one got me hahaha

Plas friend dont count. On a unlimited play friend is chumbucket