Jump shots

What jump shot should I try on my offensive threat? I’ve got a 83 three at the moment but it goes up to a 87 max. Any jump shots I should try out?

98 or wade on hof , no other jumper for that build

I have that exact build 38 on silver or gold is nice just make sure you have deadeye on
Gold or hof and no meter

Is it annoying facing the same exact animations every game.

I use 49 and have for a few years. I’m a big fan.

No, because you don’t. First of all you can customize a jumper so everyone has his own different upper release, which makes a jumper very different in how it looks.
Then for dribble animations there isn’t a standard, some people like Kobe size up, some like Curry, some like pro 6, some pro 2… Pro 3 hesi is the most common but there is people with pro 5and the likes.

There are a lot of viable animations, you don’t face the same every time

I use 98 for all my off dribble builds and 38 for my spot ups

I can guarantee you that do you face the same animations on my team than we face of park .
A lot of sizeup have a lot of common the good cards in my team have all the same thing equipped , just small changes. That’s why almost all the cards feel the same

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Everyone in park picks from the same few jumpers and animation sets. Come on man.

I don’t about last year because it’s my first year on ,
But no …
Comp player have similarities , but even them change a lot the sizeup that translate on a complete different movement with the ball , past year I only had play my team so I don’t know

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I still think most people use a handful of the most effective animation sets and jumpers.

The animations on this game are so limited that on my team you face always the same over and over .
It’s like play comp my team it’s everytime the same cards

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Its crazy that you cant change your animations while on your practice court. You have to leave and change then enter the court again.

I can agree , but this is a problem of the game … my team it’s the same . The game don’t have a huge list of animations available , i really hope for a fresh new start of 2k next gen


Ahah you can just exit the shoot around and do in the court , but takes more time that it should :rofl:

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How about a 2 way slashing playmaker with a 67 three ball?

dnell uses dante exum with silver quick draw on his