Jump Shot 98 BROKEN

Hey Everyone, I’ve been using Jumpshot 98 for a few weeks now without any issues and recently I can’t seem to time it properly its never a green and I’ve been missing WAY more than I have ever missed. I have a 6’3 PlayShot thats usually wet from the 3. Any recommendations I need another shot asap. jumpshot 38 is nice but its a strictly catch and shoot shot. Can anyone hook me up with their go to jumper, spread the positive vibes and help a guy thats so sick of missing wide open and letting his team down lol.

Trey Burke or Kobe are both good, I use Burke with my offensive threat and hit consistently.

Much respect. I’m gonna put both to a test tonight when I’m running rec with my team. It’s been a week now of me constantly throwing up bricks and my teammates are absolutely sick of it haha so me trying a new shot will hopefully be the silver lining.

I feel that, when my jumpshot kept getting randomly changed by 2k I was bricking like no tomorrow. Once you get one that works for you I’m sure you’ll be back to guaping in no time.

I feel like 2k is patching the popular jumpers even though they claim they aren’t it just went from night to day all greens to all whites.

Na , i ve 2k labs , and I use 98 .
You have your shot meter off ? 38 it’s amazing too , if not try Wade

I like Dante Exum or Curry

Nah 98 is fine tbh been using it on my slashing sharp ! Anyone keen to run park ? Ss3 80 win% dm me on Twitter @kalolotrey and I’ll add ya

You ps4? I’m a playshot. 80% record as well after 500 games. I shoot 65% from three. I barely play anymore tho so I need a couple warm up games.

Jump shot 98 hof is pure cheese any open space is a green light

jumpshots dont get patched…best jumpers are still 38 n 98