Jrue Holiday in serious trade talks?

Were do you think he goes Miami or maybe Dallas what do you think?

For the love of God keep him away from Miami lol

That would be scary af


Lakers so kuzma can join the rest of the squad lmaooo


good that salary matches.

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Kuzma kcp 1st pick for jrue

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Jesus if the lakers the Jrue…

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Not sure whos more funny Lakers fans or you thinking that, that could happen.


it kinda could, Lakers shopping for a good balanced PG most likely, Jrue fits

Would love to see Jrue in Miami. Make it happen Pat!

Nuggets get: Jrue Holiday, Jahlil Okafor

Pelicans get: Gary Harris, Juancho Hernangomez, Malik Beasley

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Shoot, the Lakers already gave the Pelicans Lonzo on the last deal. They should get the homeboy discount. :joy:

Would love to see Jrue and Butler on the same team.

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Man I wanted him but he doesn’t fix our timeline also cmon bruh Jesus Christ laker fans

Rondo for Jrue who says no? :rofl:


I vote big 3 Butler, Holiday and BAM BAM :triumph:

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Man it would be A GOOD ASS SQUAD

Raps be in shambles. Lowry plays like ass against Jrue lol

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Jrue is an LA native and UCLA product… That one isn’t too far fetched

Jrue to the Clippers then. Lol

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If in Miami, in taking Jrue over CP3 100 percent or the time. Theyd insantly become a contender for the east title with jrue.

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Mavericks FO has to be dumb af to bring in another primary ball handler . Jalen Brunson is a fine backup behind Luka .But could be a possibility for Dallas’s 2020 first rounder

Clippers , could be in the running for Jrue ,and they have the picks and players to go after him

I like the bucks landing Jrue for a 1st rounder 1-7 range and Eric Bledsoe

Maybe Utah Okoffers Mike Conley and a future first rounder for Jrue ??

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