Jordan vs. PG13

Anyone getting rid of MJ in pursuit of Paul George? GO Jordan has really grown on me and I’m having a hard time justifying the switch. I already have granger, KD, and bird so SF spot is decently stacked already. Lowkey might pass, as much as I love PG. what you guys think?

Hell no im not getting rid of MJ. I will egt pg though.

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PG13 is a god. Get him and MJ if you can.

Idk man I don’t feel like spending anymore money on this shit for a while. Only way I could afford PG is if I sold Jordan and 2 of my PD SFs

The only player I’d ever swap MJ out for is an Opal T Mac or Lebron card.

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You think we’ll get an opal tmac? That would be nuts

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Last year his rocket version is s pd.

Probably since 2k will drop whatever hype cards that can make that $. Even then idk if i could drop MJ. I rather sell the rest of my team :joy:

I think we definitely will.

Why not both

Only got 100k left lol

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Pg isn’t really better than bird

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PG is pretty godly from the few games Ive got to use him. What areas you think bird is better?

Bird is better in the post. Pg has better ball handing and dunking but it doesn’t make much of a difference. Bird dunks surprisingly well. I thought about getting pg but couldn’t really justify that much of a price difference

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PG13 is better than MJ. The only problem is that PG13, inexplicably, has no 3 point plays.

Yeah we all thought PG is gotta have 3 point plays but then again, it’s 2k.

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This MJ card balls out pretty damn hard. I’d have a hard time selling.

so you’re saying pg isn’t better than bird when you haven’t even used pg? :sweat_smile:


Jordan at PG and PG at SG. Problem solved.


Pg>mj mj better defense pg better at everything else