Jordan Shoe question

I have amy Jimmy Buckets. Is there a Jordan brand shoe with open shot 3 boost??

Yeah, there’s a open mid, open 3, passing, speed shoe

Actually Acceleration, not Speed. And also Hands.

If OP can find it on an AM Butler for a good price, then that’d be nice. I’ve been holding on to this shoe almost all cycle long (I don’t buy packs but lucked out with one of the 10 free packs we got with pre-order) and will probably put it on Kareem when/if he gets cheaper. If not, then probably on PD Robinson, though I’m 2 weeks behind on Weeklies.

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You are correct… it is acceleration. I put that shoe on diamond Scottie & Penny. Scottie was great before, but he’s amazing with the shoe, and it also made Penny an end game card for me. I’ve played 270+ games with Penny and 250+ with Scottie, so those diamond shoes and contracts sure came in handy lol.