Jordan rules on defensive focus settings

Anyone use it? I use it against Greek freak at point with Stockton guarding him and it’s very effective, your whole team play better guarding him.

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Is that physical? Do they foul a lot?

Have tried Jordan rules on granger before not sure what it did but I felt I got better results

How do I exactly apply these Jordan Rules? Get Physical?

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" . Devised by Isiah Thomas in 1988, the Pistons’ strategy was “to play him tough, to physically challenge him and to vary its defenses so as to try to throw him off balance.”[1] Sometimes the Pistons would overplay Jordan to keep the ball from him. Sometimes they would play him straight up, more often they would run a double-team at him as soon as he touched the ball to try to force him to give it up. And whenever he went to the basket, they made sure his path was contested."

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Thanks man nice find :slight_smile:

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ok this guys making shit up

Need mahorn Rodman laimbeer for full effect

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Your welcome man, thanks for all the contributions around the forums.

The short answer is basically you vary your defense coverage on a good scorer to confuse and wear them down.

You’re welcome too bro, I’ll try this approach on my next games :slight_smile:

How do you make this setting? Is it sth like “deny ball” ?

It’s on the fly defensive setting hit focus on then select the player and it’s on the 2nd page

All-star freezeout, Jordan rules, no Isiah in Barcelona

Either you don’t know Jordan rules or settings lol.
btw those rules would have not existed if Jordan was surrounded by Klay, Pg, this imaginary Kirilenko etc… :joy:

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I think Jordan rules is forcing him to the middle and there will be a double team forcing jordan to get out of his sweet spot (which is driving baseline or pull up jumper of the wing)