Jordan packs?

Yesterday they accidentally had the packs up, anyone know if those are gonna actually drop today or a total mess by 2k

I’m leaning no for two reasons:

  1. Giannis was just last week
  2. MJ packs would be gone before Christmas

That’s what I figured but the fac. That they put them in the game for a short period of time yesterday had me wondering

Could of been by mistake, possibly

We’ll know in a hour or so if cards get added to the database

2k also showcased a signature series Paul Pierce last year that we never got, so you never know


So… no pack? I won’t be home until very late. Relying on you guys for intel :sunglasses:

its still early. I doubt they dont try to cash in.

3pm EST is also possible. There’s no way they pass this up.

I’m surprised ppl would pull these packs after reading ppls pulls from that other post on here

hes not coming guys

every anni pack was at 1pm et no?

Las time moment drop 12 though

I’m still thinking that they release at least something today. Don’t they always take 2-3 weeks off during Christmas? Hopefully a signature today and MJ next week to hold us over the holidays.

hsitory say 1 or nuthin. jus pd hardn brick brick 3

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Take your Jordan packs. Class dismissed. image

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I doubt they would release a PD to compete with another PD.

I think the glitch last night with the MJ Packs being up, was confusion / mistake on their end relating to the Token Anniversary packs being up today.

Here in the States, that’s a “bag” lol.

Makes sense i would like to see some content but it won’t happen

You better inform Amazon US then :joy: They name these as backpacks. Hope you guys have backs in States :innocent:

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