Jordan 34

Anyone else excited about these???

My youngest has been running more Adidas’s and Nike than Jordan while he plays

But he’s excited to try the 34

These look kinda sick.

I need some new basketball shoes too… Never liked playing in Jordans tho.

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Look up tech they’re crazy

Kinda oogly but looks good performance wise

Same thing with my youngest

Addidas are so nice imo.

Might just cop the Dame Lillards.

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Dames are great shoes

Youngest swaps between those pgs and kds

Dames are the best value

This looks like 7 different jordans combined to make one. Probably really confortable.

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Some recent Jordans had traction problems and a bit clunky

Youngest loved the first Westbrook’s but he said they were clunky and hot

If these are 150/160 and have great performance, they will sell a ton