Jones Jr. of Bridges

Who’s better out of these two new guys?





Bridges. Smooth ass release imo

so is DJJ any good?

Bridges outplay Grant Hill is that true?

I like Jones better

I think I saw @ItsShake4ndbake say that DJJ was his favorite card or something

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Really? Where y’all running him? I was just looking at him cuz he’s dropping like mad rn

I run Jones at sf next to roy…Very happy so far

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They have the same release. Bridges doesn’t have the handles, but he has a better model so he’s more effective on D imo

Djj hasn’t disappointed me

89 strength tho us Heat fans know he should have like 55 :rofl::rofl:

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what’s he going for now

I need bam and Butler now lol. Got Herro ready

I’ll probably run raps starting 5
Miami bench :). Need a fucking Dragic lol

20ish I think

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I might be wrong,but it seems to me Jones release is a bit faster than Bridges

Team is gonna be legit I could tell

I run bam butler djj all on my god squad nunn and herro need updated cards for a full starting 5

Might pick up the evo Andre too

Spent 100k combined on bam and djj feels like an L though the more they drop

Forgot about Iggy !!! How could I.

Herro is good to drop overall.

Who do y’all run as your pg ? Hasn’t Dragic been out ?

The real question is Kelly Oubre or Miles Bridges

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