Jonathan Isaac and marques Johnson are my top two right now

6’10 small forward is a huge W in my book. Isaac is a lockdown dunking machine. His ruby in 2k19 was a glitch but this shappire is fire. He is a good budget beast . Plus he can shoot three’ s. Marques dunking animation is insane. I was bored with 2k but marques got me playing again. I can’t wait to evo him to pink diamond. I got him for 30k and he worth it. I thought mason was insane when it come to dunking but this guy dunk on anyone. I was a shooting type of guy but this year driving dunk is on point. He just keep doing different dunks that’s is crazy.


Buddy keep it up, play for interests is the best way!

Yea am trying, marques get hof contact finisher, consistent finisher, silthery finisher is all the badges that going to make driving dunk more op.

True but all those rebounds gunna suck

I even don’t want to evo Joe Smith with 900 rebs, imagine a 2.01 SG to grab 800 rebs AND 2000 pts… dude better use him in TtOffline grinding along with two small guards in order to ensure his rebounds.

Am bored and completed everything and i dont play online. So this give me something to do. I been working Kelly tripucka and vinnie Johnson. Both have insane upgrades like 99 strength ,lat quickness, 99 mid shot.

You completed those rebounds that quick?

Isacc can lock up anyone.

Really felt like the game died down a bit this week from how few new post/ comments are made everytime i come here.

Isaac really play like a diamond. He outplay most cards. Even when you try to switch him out with another player .the team rating to down unless you keep him in that spot