Jokic will be going for a PD tonight

Denver vs Philly. Embiid ducking that smoke tonight with a “rest” game. Man I’ve been looking forward all year to the Joker vs Embiid matchup smh. Joker already has 17/7/3. In the first quarter


It would make sense for denver to target there weakness of bigs this game. Either 40 plus game or 30 point trib double.


My body is ready for a pd jokic

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if they give him some defense and a little speed he may be the best center in the game…

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But he can’t shoot for shit tho haha @Philanthropy

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They did give him defense, the patch lol


They started out trying Simmons on Jokic down low. Good lord was that comical. Philly has nobody that can slow Joker down with Embiid out and I called that he would be aggressive tonight after the suspension. I predict a HUGE game

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Im gonna check out this game now. This and warriors game look solid tonight.

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Healthy Will Barton back makes the nuggs so much more dangerous offensively. Almost 80 in the first half and they don’t even have Jamal tonight

Unfortunately 2k doesnt understand anything more than how many points someone scores so jokic will not get a PD for a while

To be fair this dude is BBQ Chicken when he’s guarding a guard. It’s kind of hard to watch.

No player is perfect. What he gives you offensively FAR outweighs anything he struggles with defensively. And he’s made major improvements on the defensive end this year. How many centers can you name me that can lock down a guard on the perimeter? Maybe 3? And definitely not every time

Embiid’s been struggling with his back for weeks, he deserves a rest and Butler is out.

Still a ballgame tho.

Game isn’t as close as the score tbh. Denver has controlled all game and Philly hasn’t even threatened a lead in the second half. I wouldn’t mind Philly making a run so Joker can come back in and get one more assist

The Sixers haven’t gotten many lucky bounces at all. Simmons is missing point blank shots that he normally doesn’t miss.

Be careful what you wish for. Spurs led by 8 with like 2 minutes left and the Sixers came back.

Simmons be going for way too many layups and soft finishes on his drives. For his athleticism and height he needs to be going for stronger finishes

Jokic secures the trip dub with an outlet pass to a poster dunk for Malik

That’s certainly an issue of his but he’s been drilling them and overall has still been amazing this year and no one recognizes it.

Poor Amir. He’s so done its not even funny anymore.

Oh wow Wilson Chandler is out too. Lmao, Sixers straight up gave this game up. I don’t blame them tbh.

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Is Wilson really a positive for Philly? Guy hasn’t really been a positive contributor for the last 3 years when he was with us. Going scoreless multiple games throughout the year and always missing games. Appears that his injury issues are still very active. Idk why Philly threw in the towel on this game. We were on a back to back and missing Jamal. But whatever. Like I said I was looking forward to Jokic vs Embiid all season so I don’t even care about this beatdown

He is when he isn’t lol. Best way to put it. Some days he’s Knicks Wilson, others he’s pre-retirement Wilson.

They’ve been on a crazy run of games lately and it’s not gonna end any time soon.

Pacers (pre Oladipo injury)
Nuggets tonight
Nuggets again
Lakers again

That’s crazy bro and going into tonight they were 3-1 in that run. All without Butler. So yeah I’m not too sad or non-understanding of resting Embiid and co tonight.

Got a few extra days off too so Embiid gets basically a week off to rest while punting just one game.