Joker Movie

Joker Movie

Just saw the trailer for this new Joker movie. Looks like it’ll be pretty good. Anybody else interested. I don’t think he’ll be as good as Heath Ledger, but I’m definitely interested.


Every shot with the joker was unsettling looks like it will be a good movie


Yeah I think it will be pretty good too. The trailer didn’t show TOO much either.


Haven’t watched the trailer , who is the actor portraying the Joker?

Joaquin Phoenix

It looks pretty good, I will definetly see it

Looks like it has potential, but I have two concerns:

  1. Recent DC movies have all been terrible except for Wonder Woman, which was just pretty good.

  2. Joker is so much more insidious when you DON’T know his origin. What could happen to him to justify his transition? And isn’t it much scarier to not explain it away as some byproduct of a weird relationship with his mom and people being mean to him? I liked how the Heath Ledger Joker kept changing his story.


Oh great , have seen him portray pretty standard characters . This would have been a nice challenge . Will watch

Yeah Wonder Woman was great all other dc movie so far pretty bad

I agree … it creates that aura of mystery around him

Yea only Wonder Woman was good. The rest was horrible

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True and that’s why I prefer Ledger’s Joker than Nicholson’s. I looove Jack Nicholson as an actor and his portray of the Joker was really good but Ledger really was on another level, he made the Joker look real. He is in the list of people that I was convinced they would suck in the role but in fact he absolutely killed it.

Even if for me Mark Hamill is the real Joker :wink:

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It’s still crazy to hear all the things Heath Ledger did just to put himself in the Joker’s mindstate. He really took it to another level

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I guess Jared Leto tried to do the same…


This looks pretty solid. Soundtrack is also :heart_eyes:
I’d expect some crappy sound like “despacito” from dc lol.

That lil boy in 1:47 is Bruce Wayne btw :smiley:

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I’m looking fwd to seeing it

I have no doubts about this movie. Phoenix is an incredible actor

adding sound to this visual:

Agreed, Mark Hamill is the GOAT Joker. Did you see The Killing Joke movie?

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