John Collins Please

Give my man some love 2k. Gimme at least an AMY. 35 points 14-16 and 4-4 from 3. And give him like 85 speed. Don’t let me down 2k.


2k proceeds to fuck up Collins moments by giving him 55 speed, 30 speed with ball, and 55 acceleration, while also giving him no gold badges


That would be worse than his gold card smh. 2k ain’t that bad. But I would be mad if they gave him like 75 speed

True, I would love a useable PF by now, Collins would be nice

They’ll give him a cheesy Ruby

I know, I was so hoping he would get 40 so they couldn’t screw him over

If he gets an amy with those stats and keeps his 3pt plays, he’ll be scary good

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I expect another cool card art :rofl:

bumping this.

We better get this damn john the baptist card today


Amy John Collins with 75 speed. I’ll take it but damn, pretty sure he was faster than that as a damn high schooler

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What is his release like

Its pretty smooth

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Think I might have to squeeze him in my lineup off the bench

It’s smooth, but a bit slow.

Im just running him in dom atm but he grabs offensive boards like an animal n draining corner three’s at a high percentage.

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99 open 3 with a coach, no shoes. Nice release. It’s a decent card.


I probably reached at 14k but i wanted him lol, no regrets either way.

The lack of D scares me away. Ended up picking up Haywood instead

Yea anybody with a vertical and motor like his should not have a block rating under 70. But I think his shot contest was good so hands up