Joel Embiid legit MVP candidate

Embiid is probably second behind Giannis in the current MVP vote. Just wanted to bring that up for all the naysayers from the beginning of the year.

" I thought hard about picking Joel Embiid, who has been absolutely extraordinary for the 76ers. He’s been everything Philadelphia could have hoped for, posting prime Shaq- and Kareem-type numbers while tangibly strengthening his weaknesses (the assist rate’s up, the turnover rate’s down) and remaining his team’s single biggest bellwether; Philly has the point differential of a 55-win contender when he’s on the court, and of a still-Processing 18-win team when he sits, according to Cleaning the Glass ."

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Dude you just love starting argument threads lol

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Oh, I’m waiting for him.


He’s mentioned as another possibility, but only by name.

I don’t get why you’re doing this. It’s unnecessary, and just further proves that he’s gotten to you.

It’s a discussion thread. People were adamant he wasn’t a candidate.

Spoiler: MVP gonna be Giannis or Lebron

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Possibly, but the argument was Embiid was not a legit MVP candidate.

Hes not even the best player on his team

That is plainly false man. 55 wins with, 18 without.

Let me know how much rent is for living inside your brain

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At least that one didn’t take 15 minutes. How’s Horford? :joy:

@HarryLundt is drafting an essay as we speak

I didn’t tell dicknose to come in here and post.

Horford clamps up Embiid, its well known

I’d take Horford over Embiid

His top 3 candidate imo.
With Giannis and Kawhi.

Okay, so you’re picking a squad and you go Horford?

That’s absurd, but okay.