Joel Embid Humbled by Shaq and Barkley

Members of the Inside the NBA crew “ Shaq and Charles” called out Joel Embid on his play this season. They told Embid he has a chance to be an all time great and went on to critique him with some harsh words. Joel Embid responded in a major way by dominating the Boston Celtics with a 38 point performance.

He also spoke to Shaq and Charles after the game and told them thank you.

"Maybe they’re right. Maybe. I do think they’re right," Embid said. "I think I need to be more aggressive and just look to impose myself and look to dominate.

"I think the whole season I haven’t done that, and you can see the way it has affected my efficiency and my stats, so I guess I need to go back to having fun and just dominating. But I get what they are saying, and I think they are right, man. I have to make a change."

Personally I was blown away by how humble Embid was during this interview. He didn’t argue with them. He took their criticism and said he would work to improve his game and bring aggression every night. He seems to be maturing. Now someone just needs to wake up Ben Simmons.


Big guys aren’t asked to dominate nowadays

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There’s never been a question about Embiid’s character by people who know him. I’m not surprised by his response verbally or his response on the court dropping 38 13 and 6

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True @508G37 the game is very perimeter oriented now. It’s harder for a big man to dominate in the ways that Shaq and others did.

& @manulous I was one of the people who thought that Embid was immature and arrogant. He definitely proved me wrong with that interview in his performance. I’m beyond impressed at how he handled that situation. Even as far as him having enough respect to call Shaq and Charles Legends. It’s something a lot of players around his age lack.


Embiid was looking like Hakeem 2.0

I think they just trynna motivate him. They see what I see. They love Joel

But he has better tram mates and stats are all same cept 5 pts less. Boohoo

When you on a winning team your stats may not be as juiced.

I’m curious to see if Joel can take another step tho!

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I was likewise impressed. Not easy to digest that sort of criticism when you’re young.


I wonder what they won’t say about KAT