Joe Budden’s Top 50 Greatest Rappers LOL

Nobody cares about what Joe Budden thinks


How he put eminem at 28 and snoop at 34. Wtf lol

Everything is true expect the (In order) part


Eminem, Pac, 3 stacks, Cole, Drake, Wayne, Cube all way too low

Also I love Fab but LMAO

They been beefing

No Big L, but Mase is #41? :joy:

Guys he put himself at top 3 Lol. What a fuckin loser


Imagine being this delusional lmfao, this is straight up disrespectul. Dude needs to stfu, his voice is annyoing af anyway.

I didn’t even read the whole list. I looked for 2 people, I saw Pac at 15th and Eminem at 28th and I stopped

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Right ? Lol

This the same dude that got killed by a battle rapper at his own event

How can you put 27 rappers before Eminem ? This guy is the FlightReact of Rap or what ?


Joe Didn’t make this list chief

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Can someone tell me WHERE THE HELL IS DR.DRE ?

They forgot about him…


This list is a bunch of gibberish for sure

DMX is above Eminem plus 20 other rappers better than him. Close thread

It was too many to list lol

And I use to fuck with X back in the late 90’s. I’m also realistic