JJJ hype

Having never used a JJJ card, anyone mind telling me the hype and uses behind this card?

I not sure if the new card is good though he has 60 rating on blocks.

He’s a really tall 3&D Stretch 4. 84/80 Open/Contested 3. Solid DIQ for defending forwards without great handles. 92 Shot Contest. Low Block and Rebounding, but he’s 6’11" with solid hops.

Also has decent post game, and is a pretty solid dunker. Also has very high FT and Off Cons.

Try out his Sapphire. It’s actually preferable from a defensive standpoint.


Yeah the saph is a great little budget monster. He’s got a decent player model and I just like the kid irl so I’m hyped for this card. Just not hyped for its current price…


I’ve played 95 games of TTO and MTU with the sapphire and he was a great defensive guy who could hit the 3. Rebounding was suspect but he was solid.

Ended up pulling the Amy, listed him and didn’t sell so am running some more games with him. So far he is way more consistent on offense, specifically in the shooting department. He doesn’t get as many steals as the sapphire, but he still blocks extremely well because he has one of, if not the longest wingspan/player model. Helps him out in rebounding as well, he grabs way more boards

Awesome thanks for the info gents. Sounds like a fun little card to run sometimes.

Irl he has a lot of potential and is a rookie of the year candidate. Haven’t used him much in the game but he should be similar to KG