Jersey prices

Recently bought all of the jerseys/playbooks to unlock AK. It took me a little over 600k to get from 800-1250… I had to sell Kareem & Scottie to get that much mt. I’m looking to sell everything off to buy them back. Can anyone tell me which jerseys have the most value? It would take me hours to check each one before I post.

Why not just put them up for 24 hours at 500?

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That’s a better idea. Do people actually bid up jerseys? I went crazy on BINs when I was getting mine.

You’re right…when I was clearing out my binder I had some playbooks nobody bid on then I listed them at a higher price buy it now then they instantly sold.

That will take forever to sell back.

Rule of thumb is city jerseys and jerseys that are throwbacks that look cool are a little more. I usually list everything at 600-700 and they sell. The more valuable ones will go for 1000 maybe 1500.

My rule of thumb that is.

There’s roughly 370 jerseys, not counting city jerseys. If I could sell all for 750 that’s 277k

Home go for about 750-850 and Away for 900-1000. The nicer looking jerseys usually go from 1500-2000.

I just did 3 teams at a time check the home and away price range and listed. Usually sold within an hour. Still took me 4 days of selling after work to sell everything from getting AK47.

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Gold Jerseys usually I list them for 950-1500 depending on what’s on the market. City jerseys go for more

Thanks bro. AK was definitely worth it. Is he fast enough to play at the 3?