Jerry Lucas+Cliff Robinson 2k18

does anyone have either or both of these two cards on 2k18? need them so bad for giannis, please help me out if you can! many thanks xx

I saw some last week. Lucas with 100k start bid and robinson with 30k start bid… i unlock mine a month ago. Both robinson for 10k and lucas for 50k. Good luck mate

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Damn we really have to see this everyday? @HarryLundt

OP asked me if it was okay to start a new thread to highlight the 2 he needs, instead of bump the old.

Told him to mind the other rules and it’d be okay. I think it’s inadvisable to build this sort of rep for what seems to be a futile effort, but if he toes the line, then I’ll allow this “new” thread.

I understand you might not have interest in it, but as long as everything is within the rules, I’m pretty sure that people helping each other is one of the reasons to have forums? I helped lots of people out a while back by selling MT in a legit, easy and safe way, all I’m asking for is some help in return

Can anyone help me please?

Still in desperate need of both players:)

In case you or anyone else finds it annoying to see this, or any other post that one doesn’t want to see, for whatever reason, you can mute threads/topics:

You can also mute entire Categories. One of the reasons I always push everyone to categorize Buy/Sell/Etc. stuff as “Classifieds” is so that people can just mute the category if they want:

Still haven’t seen them on the AH, been looking for weeks, can anyone help?

Bump fellas:(

can anyone locate either of these cards for me?