Jermaine O'Neal

Does anybody have him on xbox?? I’m willing to splurge for him lol

You want Moses really bad or what?

Nah Pacer’s squad. You got him?

Unfortunately no, I was just curious haha

Don’t get me excited like that

Nobody cares

I do usually see at least 1 or two posted up daily so you just gotta be patient, sooner or later they turn up

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piss off

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For bins?

Nah, 100k bid. They usually only go up to 110-130k though, depending on time of the day and how badly people want him

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I sold mine for 220k, what a great surprise. Why do people want him so bad?

Mainly because it’s it came out a while ago so it’s hard to find now. Whether they want to use the card itself or lock for Moses because they’re a fan of his is case by case. But it’s definitely not because he’s a great card, especially at this point of the game’s cycle. He has a slow release, no HOF badges, and solid but not exceptional stats, his value strictly comes from being the hardest card to find in an old collection that can be locked.

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220k? Yikes

There were like 3 up today on ps4, you on the wrong console bro. :man_shrugging:

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Dont remind me

I sold mine a few weeks back fo 340 on Xbox. I think ai paid about 113k when I got it.

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1 PD is up for 130k , worth it ? Red he is crazy good

Guess you mean the current evo !? This thread is 2K19 :joy:

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Yeah after i posted i red the topic and understood …