Jerami Grant Free agency watch

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With what money ?

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Nothing :upside_down_face: :rofl:

Sign and trade for some skittles

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i think grant explores his options, but re-signs with denver anyway


Maybe Miami makes a run for him 15/1?

i think miami pursues gallinari to be honest

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Lakers :eyes:

Heat getting Gallo or Dipo


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I don’t think everyone understands how a player option works. It was known he was going to opt out since last offseason. He’s worth way more than the 9 million on his final year. This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want to stay in Denver. Pretty sure Nuggs are one of the frontrunners that can actually afford to pay him


Knicks :eyes:

He might stay in Denver if they pay him.

I think he is looking somewhere between $14-$16M and Denver will have a $30M Capspace

Denver is going to open up the checkbook. He’s the number 1 priority I’m pretty sure. If he’s not then that just means they have bigger plans. If he takes anything 18M per or less it’s a W. And Denver is a perfect place for him. How many other teams can he start for and have a legit chance at a title

i think everyone does it’s just they like spitting ridiculous ideas because they love getting their hopes high lol

The thread starting with “sorry Yosemite” like Myself and everyone else didn’t know this was coming for the last year and a half is why I said that lol

Kid earned his raise in OKC


When he doesn’t resign those ideas won’t be outlandish :joy:

If he doesn’t re sign then I wish him luck wherever he goes. He’s earned a good contract and the Nuggets will have some money to play with. It’s not like Denvers future is tied directly to Grant staying lol

Also people forget that they can pay him as much as Millsap (who was earning a little over $30 mill per year).

Denver isn’t sweating lmao

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