Jazz @ Lakers

Jazz (1-0) @ Lakers (0-1) tonight at 7:30 PST (10:30 EST).

Kuzma still out for LAL and Rondo is up in the air from what I’ve heard.

Hopefully LA can have a bounce back tonight!

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Lakers da fuck


I definitely am with ya, but Utah’s a good team lol

Tough to say.

Also, Id hope rondo is out forever if i was a lakers fan. I can already tell vogel is gonna start him way too much

Probably would take LAL gun to head

We’ll see how Lakers perimeter defense deals with Conley and Mitchell.
Will also be interesting to see who gets forced to change their approach as the game goes on.
If Jazz manages to force them to go small.
Bogdanovic is questionable I think, he’s probably the key piece for this matchup.

Do you think Avery should start, and have Rondo come off the bench, or have Rondo get a dnp

I dont think Rondo should ever play with LeBron or Anthony Davis and one of those guys should always be on the court so I guess I think he should be a DNP

I thought he fits well with ad

But they don’t have a single guard they can rely on except for Danny.
If Conley gets his shit together, he’ll tear them a new one. And if Danny guards Mitchell (which I don’t think he can do that well anymore), then they’re in a huge predicament.

Bradley can play d on Conley

Any player that takes spacing away from AD is not a ideal for him. Anyone could technically play well with him but its all about what is optimal

I guess, it’s just last game no one could make an entry pass, and I think Rondo could help with bench playmaking for like 12 mpg.

Yeah and sure rondo may be able to do that but the real issue is that the lakers couldnt have chose a worse guy to have to rely on for that. and Lebron at PG is not the move i can tell you that

Really the lakers will not be THAT good or where they need to be to compete with the clippers until AD accepts that hes a center and they find a reliable PG. Probably gonna have to make a move at some point. I mean dude they couldve had Napier for a min contract. Hes 100x better than rondo at this point

The starting lineup was a net positive, the bench was what killed the game

It was a positive because of the good start and the fact that they didn’t play much together later on.
And because Danny had that insane half. Which probably won’t happen again this season. Maybe one or two more games.
If not for his insane game, it would’ve been an easy blowout.

Idk, to me the Lakers looked completely lost without Lebron on the floor.
And at 35, Lebron doesn’t have the endurance to play both sides of the floor and be the primary ballhandler for like 35-40mins.

Yeah but even while being a net positive their team will ultimately be better with AD at center at LeBron at PF and when its all said and done I would bet any amount of money their most effective lineup will have AD at center and LBJ at PF

Yeah at no point did I think the Lakers were going to win that game. You could just tell by the game flow and what was happening. Danny green couldnt keep that up and the looks the clippers were getting and the defense they were playing was so much better

PS Which is why i bet on the clips huge that game and last night especially… they were a PICK EM last night!!! It was stealing

Donavan Mitchell make Conley look like Rubio shot brick

Btw, Aldridge was in a similar situation. He complained that he doesn’t wanna play C throughout his career, but as soon as he accepted the role, both his and team’s productivity skyrocketed.
He even became a really good defender. AD can take the league over at C position.
But I guess he’s just kinda soft.

Yeah, Clippers just look insane. Just to think that Kawhi only played 20min last night and they still scored 140 without PG13.

Yeah i mean theyre without a doubt the best NBA team

How they are playing right now and how locked in they are really reminds me of the 2016 warriors and how they came out the gates. I wouldnt be surprised if this clips team wins 65+ games.

They have the best player in the league, incredible depth / versatility and great coaching. I mean Im going to make a “hot take” / prediction and say when they get Pg13 back they will be one of the best teams in history. Also says a lot about where Kawhi is right now

Also Kawhi is the perfect example of how accolades and MVPs / Finals mvps dont mean shit. Guy may never win a MVP and could go down as one of the best 10-15 players ever at his peak