Jazz favorites to win Championship?

So the best team in the NBA is looking like they may sleepwalk their way to a championship this year. Does it look like anyone has a chance against them? Maybe the Lakers if everyone comes back healthy? Granted, I don’t know if LeBron could manage to do much good with Gobert roaming the paint.

Listen, until the lakers and the clippers don’t exist then you can hype up the jazz, lebron isn’t even playing and he clearly coasts through the regular season since he knows nothing is won during the regular season, it’s just facts that the two LA teams can be the 7 and 8 seeds and they are still favorites


clippers,lakers,suns are all better than the JAZZ. The jazz still got to prove they are a real contender. Hell even Denver if they had jamal murray is better than jazz.
Playoffs is a different animal, its the REAL season.


The Clippers and Lakers (given that AD and Bron can get right back into form after missing so much time) are both at the top of West. I’d say that it might be a toss up between the suns and the jazz, but Chris Paul puts the suns ahead. If Jamal Murray was healthy then Denver would be included as well. If he makes another video then maybe that could become a reality.

As for the east, I’d take Brooklyn, Philly, and the Bucks over the Jazz.

So far I see 3 wrong opinions.


Along with the mentioned lakers and clippers, I don’t see denver, brooklyn and philly getting much mentions but I give them all the advantage over utah

Jazz have 2015 Hawks & 2018 Raptors written all over them.

Teams that had flashy regular season success but we all knew they’d be pretenders when it came down to it in the playoffs.


Nah, I’m getting more of a 2004 Detroit Pistons kind of vibe.

Bruh, how can you give me that quote and throw the Clippers and Suns in there? When have either of them proven anything in the “REAL season” lately? Jazz got just as close to beating the Nuggets as the Clippers did last year and the last time the Suns made the playoffs was 2010.

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Lol I’m not sure that’s a thing

Well in my world, sir, there’s only two things. 1) My FACTS and everyone who agrees with me and 2) Everyone’s opinions who disagree with me. Thus, if you aren’t a part of #1, then your opinion is worth #2. :poop:

i dont think we can win but i’ll take it if we get to the conference finals

Jazz are looking really strong, at least with Mitchell healthy, and should be considered legit contenders.

But I don’t think it’s dismissive to view them through a Prove It lens. When the reigning champion ought to be fully healthy by the start of the Playoffs, then it’s hard to justify the Jazz as favorites.

Seems Jazz this season, versus Jazz last season is primarily about Conley playing at a much higher level and Clarkson surging to become a legit 6MOY candidate and I wouldn’t presume that both of these factors remain true in the Playoffs…until it’s proven otherwise.

Which is not the same as them being presumed to be false until proven true.

With all due respect but the Jazz have passed the 2nd round in the playoffs once in the last 20 years, I will need more than the regular season for them to make me believe in them, exactly like the 2015 hawks… amazing squad and chemistry and got swept by the cavs


Thread title made me laugh. Thx I needed that.

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LOL. Kawhi is on the clippers and he has proven he can get it done. Also ibaka rondon are proven players who can get it done come playoff time. I trust Booker an cp3 over the jazz anyday. You cant go far without an elite wing on defense an offense. Jazz have Gobert sure, who is a good defense player but sucks on offense an you have to take him out if the other team goes small in last 2 minutes. An Mitchell is elite offense, but he is not an elite defender.

jazz can win definitely but favourites? nah

Who is going to be their playoff lineup, and who are they likely to match up with, match-ups are heavily underrated

Probably the warriors in the 1st round

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They could end up facing, Portland, Golden State, Dallas, Memphis and San Antonio in the first round

That’s going to be a tough one if they match-up with any of them 4, more so the top 3 guys