Jaylen offered 4 yr 80m by Celtics

Good price or not

He declined and still way too much


20 mill for Jaylen ? It’s not terrible. All I know is Pascal looking at that money and laughing lol. Siakam bout to get a max contract

I don’t think he’s worth more than that

He isn’t. Not now at least

Siakam is about to get a lot. Idk what his max is but he’ll probably get it.

Danny Ainge has fell off.

Would be fine for the Celtics, but with a weak free agent class next summer, I could see a team signing him to a ridiculous offer sheet that Boston won’t match. If the season goes sideways, I think they will seriously consider trading him by the deadline.

If they are going to offer Tatum a max eventually, they can’t pay Brown anywhere near that considering the cap.

He isnt worth it but small market desperate teams will offer him the max and he knows it. He just hired an agent, hes not dumb

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Every time I watch Jaylen he brick brick a open three. Maybe he needs to leave Boston.

You got a point. Andrew Wiggins finesse 150m from the Timberwolves


Rozier too

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That contract (Rozier) was terrible before the ink even dried.

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In todays nba market that’s a fair offer

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The same Hornets that gave Bismack that contract just because of a good playoff series.
Edit: Correction that was the Magic

It’s a fair offer. And yet, it’s a totally bad contract for the Celtics organization. That’s today’s NBA.

Either you attract big names and pay them their market value or close to it OR you get stuck overpaying for middling talent.


It’s a good contract for Boston. If things work out it’s great. If things dont change its very movable.

I like Jaylen, but I don’t think he’s great on the court. Not in Stevens system. He isn’t a good enough shooter. He gets open looks and clank


I like Jaylen too but he always gives me the impression that he thinks he should be the star. Always looking for flashy plays and seems out of place sometimes. However I think he’s still young and learning true team basketball at the NBA level.

$20 million seems like a lot, but when you see what Hayward is making it seems affordable. And Hayward is only signed through next season, so if he walks I would hope we were able to sign Jaylen as he could have a huge role post-Hayward.


He has kcp Syndrome