Jaylen Brown is a bum

I really hope he gets traded soon. He can barely hit an open shot, zero handles, poor shot selection, cant hit FTs and jumps on every pump fake. I can’t name one thing he does consistently. Get rid of him, he’s taking opportunities from more deserving players.


It all changed when he took that nasty fall last year

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He best skill is flexing after a dunk while being down 20


or dribbling the ball off his foot when he drives

And he’s not helping his stock to be traded for AD


Maybe that’s why he’s doing it lol

Its tough. Too many wings on the team for him to get enough playing time and flourish. Sometimes, I wish we could just give Hayward back to the Jazz. I feel like both teams would be better off.


id take hayward over Brown if contract isnt in play

Why is every clutch shot the 76ers need going to JJ reddick??

Brothers clutch

It definitely shouldn’t be in Simmons hands though lol

Simmons huge choke

People swear Ben Simmons has infinite potential . I’m sorry but I’m just can’t see it. man doesn’t even have the fundamentals of the game down yet and his style of play is not winning basketball in 2018 -2019 . Oversized PG that can only slash and he’s not even elite at that . I wish him the best


He doesnt even need to be defended outside 5 feet which is a huge liability. Hack a Simmons come playoffs


I love jaylen brown. He is definitely having a rough year. Yes we should package him for AD

6ers fans claim he’s better than everyone on the Celtics though lol

76ers fans become delusional

The contract is most definitely in play

Simmons is really fucking good, but his shot definitely limits his ceiling. Giannis is the MVP and can’t shoot past the mid range really.