Jaylen Brown hype thread

Jaylen Brown hype thread

Just a simple easy question, am I missing something about the Jaylen Brown hype. I regularly hear about him and how people seem to love him. I know I don’t watch too many Celtics games but whenever I get to watch them, I don’t find him amazing compared to Tatum who is starting to become a beast…

Jaylen seems to like the attention, but the kid can play. Celtics Nation stand up!

Anyone that would say that doesn’t get it and never will.

He’s an elite 2nd option type of player. Great defender. Great offball player.

Tatum has more degree of difficulty, as he always draws the opposing team’s best defender, and has more offensive responsibility.

Brown has been a pretty incredible 3/D/slash player this year, and is honestly a perfect fit next to Tatum, they compliment each other so well.

Brown has more been consistent this year too. But Tatum has the upside and the higher highs.

If name recognition wasn’t a thing, Brown would have been an all star over Tatum this year, realistically.


He was asked, he answered. It’s not like he came out of the blue and said he’s going to win 5 out of the next 6 chips.


He is extremely athletic, active on defense, his shooting has improved dramatically. He is starting to understand team basketball at the NBA level, in his first few seasons he played like he was the only guy on the floor. Reminds me of Dominique a little bit. I don’t know what his ceiling is, but if he gets better than what he is today than he’s going to be an All Star for a long time


This article is also like 2 years old…

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Tatum and Brown will be the best young duo in the league soon, If they aren’t already


That link is a year and a half old. I dont mind a JB discussion but get rid of that.

Brown’s doing alot better this year, biggest difference is that he’s more crafty scoring around the rim instead of going for dunks and missing and his dribbling has improved, he used to lose the ball alot and bounce it off his foot and shit


Brown plays a very controlled smart game…you should watch him speak…he’s very well versed, unlike most young bloods, he seems like a different breed. This forum trashed Danny Ainge after he gave Jaylen the fat contract. What’s not to like. He’s not as flashy as Tatum. But hes a better defender and doesnt need to shoot to be effective on the court. He’s like Igoudala for the C’s

Don’t think it’s hype…

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change this to a celtics hype thread

Link taken off.

I love this current team. Kemba is a true leader and Hayward Tatum Brown are much improved. Just wish we had a few vets on the bench like Korver or Henny God