You are a turd

Flash pausing, grabbing your mic trying to talk trash

If you are up here you have a very sad existence

You couldn’t handle a conversation after and I found it funny


Holy shit I just played this dude. Paused after every shot made, free throw, steal, block, rebound, my missed shot. Then he gets on the mic in the 4th and talks to himself the entire quarter then pauses with 0 secs left to talk for another minute. This dude is LITERALLY what makes me hate this game. Calling me names and telling me to eat his dick because he knows how to off-ball, 5-out, and shoot 80% from 3. Cool.

Guarantee this clown has no job, no friends, no girlfriend. A very sad existence for sure.


I asked him if he was handicap cause the way he was talking

I said I’d feel bad if he was and I starting making him feel dumb!

I kept going and he actually quit talking hahahaha

Nice. I didn’t even bother. Hard to tell how old he was. Could be 14, could be 40. What a stain on the human race.


This seems to be a majority of our leaderboard as well. 5 out Ben Simmons at point with dribble or zig zag spam. It’s fucking crazy how every game it’s a gamble on whether or not you’ll get someone who tries to at least run plays. I’d rather lose to that spam then an exploit. If I get that fair game though it’s a lot of fun. Just a damn shame. And trust me they are all up each other’s ass when it comes to these type of players. A shit stain on the community indeed. Yet they tell you that you suck. What the fuck is wrong with that picture lol

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