Jaren Jackson Jr moments 36 points, 8 rebounds and the W

Surely they won’t snub him maybe they won’t release moments tomo as there would only be sapphire and Ruby’s?

Really love JJJ sapphire in TTO and love him irl, fking hoping he gets a card


Wow. This kid is legit. This rookie class is fucking legit.


They’ll probably play moments catch-up on Monday, I would think. I’m still surprised Dame didn’t get a card.


Please be a Amy. I use his sapphire now


still got a 99 foul tendencie

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JJJ can be the best rookie -after Doncic- from this class.
It’s so good for him that he land in the organization like Grizzlies.

I’m a fan.

A ruby would be nice asf with a higher 3 pointer and the defense he already has hopefully some post stats as well

grit & grind is back!

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Couldn’t agree more. He’s been the 2nd best rookie of the draft class so far and has an amazing mentor in Marc Gasol.


only downside, 0 blocks and 0 Steals

I love a “blue collar” teams like Grizzlies.
They have 2 underrated leaders + a lot of underachievers with a point to prove.
JJJ can adopt to the game under Gasol far from spotlights, in “healthy” organization.

Stat fact:
When Gasol/JJJ on the floor -opponents scores 94,1points/ 100 possessions.

Sapphire JJJ is a beast on my Rookie Squad. I just throw the ball into the post with him and it’s cooking time.

JJJ is low key the best prospect (slightly better than Luka imo) from this draft. Elite D and potentially elite Offense. Has every tool.


Luka will not be game changer in defense.
JJJ might be.

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